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From: Fred Raley, The Submarine Guy

EMail Marketing Mastery by Fred Raley, the Submarine Guy
EMail Marketing Mastery by Fred Raley, the Submarine Guy

Subject: EMail Marketing Mastery


Dear Business Owner,

Using email to promote your business is an easy way to build a long term asset (your email list) that can bring you repeated income for life.

Why ignore it any longer?

Learn how the top producers build their list FAST and extract cash at will.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Defining your target market so you can target your emails to them at will

Establish your professional online web property (most folks miss this… it’s one of the easier tools to establish you as a pro.

Build your list fast and strong with targeted prospects eager to hear from you

Create professional marketing sites that look like $10,000 but cost you little to nothing

Advertise a LOT in the RIGHT places.  Learn how to get free advertising wherever you go.

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